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Check Your WordPress Site for PHP7 Compatibility

The PHP Compatibility Checker plugin isn’t just for WP Engine customers. They’ve made it available to anyone with a WordPress site. Any WordPress publisher can now leverage the plugin to test their site’s PHP 7 compatibility and identify and fix any issues so they can enjoy the performance gains PHP 7 offers.

As most of you know WPEngine is my preferred and recommended WordPress Managed Hosting provider. And they also offer an outstanding affiliate program which I am a part of.

Here’s what it looks like in action checking my site’s plugins to see if they are PHP7 ready:

WPEngine Plugins

PHP Compatibility Checker In Action

A full check took me about ten minutes. To get started, simply download the plugin to quickly and easily begin testing your site for PHP 7 compatibility.

As part of my affiliate offering for WPEngine, you can get four months free on an annual plan or 20% off your first payment.

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