Recently, I wrote about an excellent open source WordPress plugin and theme which automatically imports your Twitter stream to a WordPress site.

Import Twitter to WordPress

Google once had a search partnership with Twitter, but after this expired it left the discoverability of your tweet archive a bit to chance. Furthermore, search engine traffic to doesn’t build your website’s search engine ranking or help you earn revenue.

Developer Ozh Richard built a WordPress plugin which will automatically archive your tweets to your WordPress blog. Richard also created a WordPress theme just for your Twitter archive. He’s also the creator of a few other interesting things including YOURLS (which I’ve written an upcoming tutorial about—check my instructor page).

Running a WordPress site of your Twitter archive allows Google to more easily index your tweets, capture more search traffic, and add to your search engine ranking and potential revenue stream. Theoretically, you might be able to earn revenue from advertising on these pages, or engage in discussions with readers posting comments. It may also drive discussions natively back to Twitter from Google web traffic.

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