We have several WordPress support and quickstart offerings that may meet your basic needs:

WordPress QuickStart

Our WordPress Quickstart is an inexpensive, performance optimized installation of WordPress with a variety of popular themes and plugins. It’s been completely updated for Ubuntu 16.x, PHP 7.x and WordPress 4.7.x.

It provides an inexpensive, optimized installation of WordPress for Digital Ocean that takes just a few minutes to activate. We now offer it in two variations. These are literally the easiest ways to launch new WordPress blogs and websites.

Quickstart Basic Package

Basic WordPress Quickstart Package:
A pre-installed image of WordPress with 21 preinstalled themes, 18 preinstalled plugins, optimized with streamlined with Autooptimize, Cache Enabler and Optimus plugins (simpler and more efficient than prior, older W3TC). Get started with a self-hosted, pre-configured, scalable version of WordPress. The basic image runs at Digital Ocean starting at the $5/mo. droplet level but can be expanded to any droplet size.

Quickstart Premium Package

Premium WordPress Quickstart Package:
Everything in the Basic package configured for six unique WordPress sites. You can run just one site or any number, up to six. It’s optimized with the Google PageSpeed server module. Let’sEncrypt is pre-installed in case you want to run HTTPS/SSL for your sites. The package also includes a secure version of PHPMyAdmin for accessing your site databases. The premium image runs at Digital Ocean starting at the $5/mo. droplet level but the 1 GB memory in the $10/mo. droplet is recommended.

You can learn more on our WordPress QuickStart page.


WordPress Support Packages
Lookahead Consulting also offers generalized WordPress consulting and support packages at an introductory low price. You can purchase them in three, five or ten hour blocks.

WordPress Managed Hosting

If you’d prefer a managed hosting solution for WordPress, I recommend WPEngine. WPEngine offers economical, high performance managed WordPress hosting for about $29 monthly (now 4 months free with annual plan purchase or 20% off first purchase). They are awesome at what they provide. There’s also a super quick and easy site transfer wizard.

WPEngine Managed Hosting

WordPress Managed Hosting by WPEngine

If you have questions, please contact me.