Generating income is the most difficult challenge in blogging, but it’s easier once you’ve grown your site traffic. So finding ways to generate social media traffic for your site is always valuable.


While many themes and plugins make it easier for readers to share your content, few drive them to do it. Social Locker is a freemium plugin that does exactly this. It hides essential content at first, and only unlocks it when users share or like your content.

The plugin lets you set a limit on how much you give away completely free on your site; if readers want to see more, it asks them simply to tell others that they like your content.

Social Locker says that the increased social media activity it helps you generate can boost your search engine rankings, since Google includes social media presence as a factor in scoring your site.

As someone who writes a lot of technology tutorials, I know from the comments and the web traffic that people find them useful—but people don’t always share them. I’ve begun using Social Locker to increase the frequency with which readers share my tutorials.

For example, on this post on ways to secure your Mac from potential theft, I used Social Locker to hide the last five suggestions. Readers have to share or like the page on social media if they wish to read the whole piece.

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