WordPress Hosting with WPEngine

Build a Website with WPEngine

If you want to start or build a website on WordPress, WPEngine is an excellent WordPress hosting provider to explore. In this series, we’ll review and explore the basics of starting a website or migrating WordPress websites to WPEngine. Whether you’re building a professional website or a regularly updated news or content site, running WordPress at WPEngine will be a great solution. WPEngine is appropriate for both small individual and professional sites as well as large corporate or media sites.

WpEngine is what’s called a managed host. Managed hosting companies take care of all the complexities of “managing” the web servers that run WordPress – especially stability and scalability. This in turn frees you up to focus on building a great WordPress site and authoring great content.

One alternative to managed hosting is self-hosting. To self-host, you are responsible for all the deeply technical tasks of managing a web server and the underlying technology that powers WordPress. Since self-hosting requires a great deal of time, energy and expertise, it’s only recommended for experienced technologists. If you are interested in self-hosting WordPress, please check out our detailed tutorial on hosting WordPress with Digital Ocean. You might also be interested in our economical WordPress Quickstart – $25 gets you a pre-installed, pre-optimized, pre-configured WordPress site at Digital Ocean; it’s one of the fastest ways to get up and running with WordPress.

WPEngine Plans

WPEngine Plans and Pricing

WPEngine offers a free 60 day trial, so there’s no risk to trying it out. Personal plans for an individual WordPress site begin at $29/mo. Professional plans offer ten WordPress sites and higher traffic for $99/mo. The high end Business Plan offers even higher traffic for $249/mo. Customized enterprise plans are also available. When you purchase an annual plan, you receive two months free, a 16 percent discount.

Here’s more information on what each plan offers:

WordPress Hosting with WPEngine

What’s Next?

In our next tutorial, we’ll guide you through signing up with WPEngine and getting started building your WordPress website.


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