This is the second part of our hosting WordPress with WP Engine series. Read the earlier WordPress Hosting with WPEngine

Sign Up With WP Engine

If you”re ready to get started with WP Engine, visit its Plans & Pricing page click the Host My Website button appropriate for the plan level you’d like to start with:

WPEngine Plans and Pricing


Create an Account

You’ll be asked to create an account:


Specify Your WordPress Site Information

Next, you’ll need to provide a WordPress administrative login user name and password for your account. You’ll also need to specify a domain name for your site:


Provide Your Billing Information


 Confirm Your Account Billing

You can save 16% by paying annually:


 Confirmation Page

Finally, you’ll be sent an email to confirm your account. If you’re ready to sign up now, you can visit WPEngine now.


Initially, you’ll get a 404 error when you visit your site – that’s because either your domain DNS settings haven’t propagated or WPEngine hasn’t finished setting up your site:


Verify Your Account

When you click the email verification link, you’ll see the Welcome to WP Engine page:


It provides a helpful introduction to using WP Engine. Such as logging into the WP Engine User Portal and WordPress Dashboard:



Migrating Your WordPress Site

There’s also information on migrating your WordPress site:


 Contact WP Engine Support:


Your WPEngine Site Is Ready

Once you receive notification that your site is ready, you can log in to your WordPress Dashboard:




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