[sc:MainTutorial]Read our generating income page for e-commerce and payments functionality. Here are some other categories of services that may be relevant and useful to you.

Collecting Data from Visitors

If you’re looking to collect data from your Website visitors, try some of these services:

You can embed these into your WordPress blog and in some cases, they will offer their own plugins.

Publishing E-books

Want to publish your WordPress site into your own e-book? There are a number of services that help with this. Check out Anthologize or the MagPress plugin. These tools and services allow you to create PDFs or e-book publishing formats to sell on other services.

You can also manually move the content over to services such as Lulu or Amazon’s CreateSpace for self-publishing services.

Event Calendars and Ticket Sales

Here are few resources for publishing calendars and managing events:

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