In Keeping Up With Ghost at Tuts+, I write an overview of the new Ghost blogging system. Ghost has a lot going for it but it will mostly appeal to more technical folks rather than novice WordPress users:

The Ghost Blogging System

I’m a longtime WordPress user and the platform is admittedly slow and cumbersome. WordPress recently raised $160 million in venture funding, so I expect the platform to improve in greater leaps and bounds; however, I was eager to try Ghost as a new, lightweight alternative.

I’ve also been writing a lot lately at, what some are calling a platisher. While Medium offers a beautiful responsive design and some great writing features, it doesn’t offer as much control and portability as I’d like. Ghost aspires to offer the simple, sophisticated writing environment of Medium in a self-hosted, open source package. Already, there is a Medium-inspired theme for Ghost which I’ll demonstrate installing in this tutorial (and certainly there are many for WordPress).

In many ways, Ghost delivers – but like delicious cookies baking in the oven, it needs a bit more time.

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