[sc:MainTutorial]If you receive a lot of emails and phone calls from your website, here are a few ways to manage them.

Single Destination Mailbox

You can set up a free Google Voice number and publicize that. Then, you can forward all emails, texts and voice mail recordings and transcripts to one email address. Incoming calls can also be routed to your cell phone or office phone.

If you want to better track and organize all of these requests, check out one of these customer support web services.

Customer Support Web Services

I’ve had a great experience using TenderApp. It’s only $9/month. TenderApp provides a nice Help & Support tab on the side of your website as well as a searchable knowledgebase for customers. ZenDesk is even cheaper ($20 annually) but I haven’t found it to be as usable.

You can also forward all of your incoming google voice messages to your TenderApp or ZenDesk accounts for organizing and tracking.


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