[sc:MainTutorial visible=”contracted”]Here’s an overview of how much some of the services that I’ve reviewed may cost you. This will help give you an idea of the economic costs of thoughtfully running a fully-featured web presence.

In general, your highest costs are likely to come from consultants and developers that assist you – as their hourly rates will vary from $50/hr up to $200/hr.

Scroll down to the table below to see our summary:

Services Basic Advanced
Hosting $25/mo $500/mo
DNS Services free $25/mo
Site Theme & Design free – $100 $5,000+
Domain Name Registration $15/yr $15/yr
Email Hosting free $120/yr
Email Lists e.g. Mailchimp free $15/mo
Social Media Management e.g. HootSuite $9/mo $39/ mo
Marketing e.g. online advertising $0 $250/mo
CRM e.g. Highrise $24/mo $100/mo
Backups incl. or $5/mo. $165/yr
Customer Support e.g. TenderApp $5/mo. $100/mo.
Code management e.g. Github $7/mo. $7/mo.
Monitoring e.g. SimpleMonitor, ScoutApp $10 $15/mo
Consulting $75/hr $250/hr
Software Development $50/hr $150/hr
WordPress Smartphone App $199 $10,000+
WordPress eBook Publishing Free $5,000+



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